Friday, May 31, 2013

Have a nice safe Friday!

When I think back a few years, I remember going out and playing all day and coming in when the street lights came on. We played war, we jumped stuff on our bikes, we built forts and had chestnut fights. We shot BB guns and rode minibikes. We rode in the back of trucks and station wagons with no seatbelts. Holy crap! Our toys had small parts that shot at your face when the time was up. 
Oh yeah, and our firworks blew shit up!

When we got older, we went to the movies, went to friends houses and had parties, went cruising, sometimes 8 to a car.

And we didn't die!

I really feel sorry for kids now days. They don't go outside and play, they watch TV, play video games and eat crap all day. Teens cant do anything because cruising is illegal, and if you get caught with a beer, you get thrown in jail. Not wearing a seatbelt? You get a ticket.

No wonder everyone is so pissed off...


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