Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Celebrities aren't always right

If you are the type of person that follows the antics of movie stars and other “celebrities”, good for you. Everyone needs a hobby. But, of course, I have an observation I must share.

If the average person is thrown into a situation where they are told how great they are on a daily basis by people who want to exploit them and steal their money. They MIGHT become a messed up as some of the train wrecks we, as a society, have placed on a pedestal too high to be reached by mere mortals.

We throw money at them, buy their products, makeup, clothing, and worship them like gods and goddesses. But they aren’t better than any one of us. They have more money and are greedy for more.

Some people follow their every word as gospel and defy anyone to disagree. However, if they are people to be admired, how come so many of them have lives that are more messed up than yours? They are not right; they just have a cooler job than you.

Case and point...



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