Sunday, July 19, 2015

101 Trip 2015...

All packed up and ready to go!

101 into Oregon. At least it was cold as fuck too.

I think I'm going to like this place.

And the decorations are OK if you're short...

Still heading South...

And into the redwoods.

Yup, big tree.

Camping in CA

And heading East into NV

Reno, and a sweet ass suite!

In, and around Reno...

Traffic around Lake Tahoe

One of the crew had a broken clutch cable going into Reno, but got the 411 from some locals, Great BBQ!

Yeah, this pretty much sums up my gambling experience.

Looked at these wierd things. Hmmm, $25,000? Not so much.

Virginia City day trip.

Somebody put too much money into an 883.

And lunch. Why son't we have these in WA?

Out of Reno, and heading north

Heading to Crater Lake

Our new, unofficial mascot.

Yup, Lake.

Some of the local culture...

Too tired and dehydrated to shoot pictures. We camped, got up early, and spent waaaayy too long on the shittiest road I have ever seen coming up north around Mt St Helens. It fucking sucked.

But, overall, the trip was great and the riding was awesome. Guess I should be thinking about next year?

Maybe Canada? 

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