Sunday, July 20, 2014

I'm Baaaaaack!

Pre-trip photo from last Saturday.

One of the first stops in Eastern WA. Only 95 degrees out. Throughout the trip we went from 110, to 36 degrees and everything in between.

Lolo Pass, ID/MT,  99 miles of curvy roads. Doesn't get much better than that!

Almost at the campsite.

It was very nice of them to wet and gravel the roads for us! Thank you Virginia City!

And, into Yellowstone.

Nothing like crowds of assholes taking photos of trees...

Old Faithful not doing shit. It was an hour and a half wait for it to blow. Didn't the time between pops used to be shorter? Oh, well, pretty cool anyway.



I think I posted a Yellowstone traffic jam photo last year too

Shortly after this photo was taken it DUMPED rain and hail on us. 

Where we stopped to dry out. Mediocre food, hot waitress. not bad.

Camping in West Yellowstone, trying to avoid the torrential downpour that was supposed to come in that night. Never happened. After the 20 minute hail storm, we had nice hot weather for the rest of the trip.

Back into the park.

Last night in West Yellowstone

One of the guys' wife's bike had a broken clutch cable just outside of Yellowstone, but after 2 hours on the side of the highway and some Yankee ingenuity, we got it fixed and she finished the trip with no other issues.

Three island state park idaho. Fantastic spot if you enjoy 5 billion gnats all over you. Great park, horrible bugs.

Airhawk WW2 museum on the way home.


Aaaaaaaaaahhhh, nice hotel room in Pendleton, OR for the last night. 

Next AM, on the way back to WA

Stopped at some winery in Wapato, WA for about 5 minutes.

Beautiful view though

And that's it. 7 days and a tad over 2200 miles. Next year HWY 101!

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