Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's been a while...

I guess I'm back. Had a great trip. 2750 miles of pretty good weather. No one crashed or dropped their bikes, got hit, had a flat or anything. No one even ran out of gas!

Some of these are out of order, but you get the idea..

1st night camping on the river in Idaho.

Lolo pass. 99 miles of nice windy roads. (we got to do it twice!)

Old Montana prison. They also have a car museum, but that's for the next post.

Largest silver mine in the US

And got to sleep in a teepee. That was pretty cool.

My wife hates that hat...

And on to the Lewis and Clark caverns.

Made Yellowstone a little later

I could actually hear my butthole slam shut when the buffalo sarted walking towards me. You can't see it, but there's a cliff on my right.

Construction in the park during tourist season. Yeah, that makes sense...

West Yellowstone. Found out I left my tent poles in the teepee. Yeah, not going back so I had to go to West Yellostone and buy a tent. Tourist trap, AND an emergency? Cha Ching! but at least I wasn't at the campsite for this... I was at the camping supply store.

Next morning was beautiful again.

Made Buffalo and into a nice little cabin. It was so small that one of the guys slept outside.

Custer's last stand. Yup, that's it.

Beartooth pass. One of the windiest roads I have ever ridden on. It freakin' rocked!

We went over the Montana / Wyoming border 6 times that day...

And back to Yellowstone again. Trying to get back to the camp site that evening, me and aonther guy shot through the park at 60-80. (no traffic)

Until we hit this.

Made it to the campsite as it was getting dark. 2 11-12 hour days in a row.

Stayed in a hotel one night. oh mama! It was nice! (shitty hotel, nice to have a bed)

And back onto Lolo pass 

And into Colfax.

Met up with one of the guys parents

And then ate a burger bigger than my head.

And back home.

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