Sunday, January 15, 2012


Here in Washington, we received the gift of 1/2 inch of snow. Now, those of you that don't now about, or haven't ever been to Washington State, don't realize the chaos that a dusting of snow can bring.

We have been hearing about this meteorological disaster for the last week. Sand trucks have been prepping for the same time frame to prepare for what the news media has apparently dubbed "The Next Ice Age"

Every person in the state goes into panic mode. Schools and businesses close down. People are walking so they don't have to drive to the store and obtain emergency rations like salted beef and hard tack.

Since I feel that I have to blame SOMEONE, I blame all of the Californians that came up here in the last 10 years and purchased "cheap" homes to get away from the sun drenched, earthquake ridden, goodness that widespread forest fires can bring. 

In all actuality, other than this every morning...

It's not all that bad.

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